Boost User Experience (UX) with the BASICS - Tips for UI designers

Apply these simple, essential principles during your next project and you’ll begin to view your work through the eyes of your audience more effectively. In doing so, you’ll grow more aware of how your audience might be interpreting—or misinterpreting—the message of your design layout. You’ll instantly have an added edge. And, you’ll know exactly how to manipulate elements to guide the viewer toward the important sections in your design layout.

Turn Your Design into Realistic Mobile and Web Prototypes

Ah, mobile prototyping – a task so important, yet so frustrating. Perhaps the biggest challenge is delivering the details of design, user journey and more, efficiently in the mock-up presentation. And that is no mean feat. Especially today, when prototyping has become a fast and effective way of crafting and testing user experiences.

Measuring the True Emotions of Our Users

It is not easy to gauge how a user feels when interacting with a product. But if we can somehow know, learn and understand this, it can help us optimize the user experience. Currently, research in this area is focused on gaining user insight directly from the user. But users are not always objective in their answers and often fall prey to their biases. Many times, we find that the participants knows what the researcher wants to hear and they report their emotions accordingly. Sometimes, they cannot even interpret their own emotions.

UX: More Modern and More Personal

A survey saw 73 percent of online shoppers say that they were frustrated when they received recommendations, content and offers that were irrelevant to their interests. What we’re trying to say here is that personalization of UX is the need of the hour, and certainly not something that businesses can afford to ignore. The good news is that tailoring a personalized UX is no rocket science and is about the information you gather on user activity, whether it is done explicitly or implicitly.

What is High-Tech Anthropology?

Anthropology has been around for centuries, with scientists and specialists studying human behavior, culture and interactions in this field that cuts across biological science, social sciences and the humanities. High-tech anthropology is the new-age version that throws computing and technology into the fray.

From User Story to Final Wire-frame - One Sprint Journey

The user stories are provided by the business. These stories tell the UXD team the "what", "who" and "why" of the design requirements. Based on the discussion or story time, the Business Analyst can come up with more relevant and detailed user stories. The UXD team can use card sorting for organizing the available information and identify different categories of the target audience.

Usability Testing with Card Sorting

A website is a good medium, through which you can reach out to customers in our information age. Unfortunately, many companies don't have this information sorted out. The result, customers are forced to waste their time searching. Sometimes, the information is placed so deep inside the layout, the customer just gives up, exasperated.

What is UXD & What is Not UXD?

UX or user experience is a very important factor that designers should consider before they design any website. But what exactly is UX? Most web designers are not very familiar with the concept of UX, which is one of the major reasons why most websites fail to appeal to the end users.

UX and the Pursuit of Happiness

Humankind's pursuit of happiness is not new. Every individual has a right to be happy and do what it takes to be happy. If technology can contribute to our pursuit of happiness, it would be through experiential designs. Web designers, especially UX designers can make a significant contribution to this pursuit through their UX designs.


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