What is UXD & What is Not UXD?

UX or user experience is a very important factor that designers should consider before they design any website. But what exactly is UX? Most web designers are not very familiar with the concept of UX, which is one of the major reasons why most websites fail to appeal to the end users. If you want a website that meets all your business' requirements and also satisfies the customer, it is important to understand what UX is and what it is not.

Understanding UXD

The term user experience defines the user or consumer's overall satisfaction levels with the website they are accessing. Users have many reasons to access a website - to know about a product, to buy a product, to contact the business or to do business with a company. So user experience can broadly be defined as a series of such interactions that a customer has with the company through the website and other channels. So if these interactions meet the customers' expectations, then it is a good user experience. But if these interactions fail to impress the users and get any kind of business for the company, they can be considered as bad user experiences.

UXD is Team Work

What is UXD and what is not UXD?

Creating an ideal user experience design is not the job of a single person. It is the result of liaisons between multiple departments of the business and the web design and development team that also consists of usability experts and creative heads. To deliver the right kind of user experience design that makes both the customer and the business leaders happy, it is important to understand the target audience, rather than make assumptions about who they are, what they like or how they behave.

Assumptions almost always get you the wrong answers, which is why the first step in UX designing is research, followed by design, testing, evaluation, modifications or alterations in design if needed and testing again, followed by evaluation and any needed changes in the design. This process has to go on as long as the company exists and wants to create a positive user experience for its customers.

What UXD isn't

What is UXD and what is not UXD?

Most web designers mistake UX to be something it is not. Here are some common misconceptions made right.

UXD is not a step

UX is not just decorating the website or making it look good. It is more than just a step that you complete and move on - it is one of the most important elements that needs to be integrated into every aspect of web design. It is an ongoing effort that involves a constant improvisation of the process.

UXD is not User Interface

At the same time, it is important to understand that UXD is not user interface, for interface is just a component of user experience. It is more than just cosmetics- UXD is the responsibility of every member in the web designing team- not just the artistic ones'.

UXD is not just about technology

Another misconception is that UXD is limited to the customers' interaction through computers. But UXD is not just about technology- it considers all kinds of interaction with the product, a representative and the system as a whole. It is not just about the kind of experience the users have when interacting with your business via a screen. It is about the kind of effect your product has on your customers' lives.

UXD is not only about usability

If you think that UXD is about turning a product that is bad into something that is good and make it useful, you are wrong. UXD is more than improving efficiency of the service or effectiveness of the product. It is about creating an experience that extracts a positive, emotional response to the service or products you offer.

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