Raj P Koshy

UX Architect

RP Koshy, currently provides his services as a Senior UX Architect through BCBS. Prior to this, he was a UX Architect for UST Global. Among his vast and diverse clientele are some of the biggest and most well-known organizations across diverse verticals. This list includes market leaders in Retail, Tax and Healthcare. His experience has improved his understanding of customer needs, enabling him to develop top-notch designs that deliver an optimal user experience.

The recommendations for and complete biodata of RP Koshy are available on LinkedIn. A few awards and accolades that he has received are listed below:

  • Information Service Process Excellence Award – UST Global
  • Magic Wand UI Designer Award – UST Global
  • Contribution towards innovation Award – UST Global

The Blog
Youxdesign blog encompasses just about every aspect of design and creativity. The visual, psychological, strategic and other facets affecting the end user's experience in interacting with websites, mobiles and applications are discussed in this blog. UX has been fundamental to all my professional projects, as you will see when you explore my portfolio.

I hope that you will glean important insights from the information on my blog to apply to your work.

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