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The Brief: Page Flows for a Professional Services Firm

The client is a firm that provides multidisciplinary services based on deep industry experience and knowledge. My job was to create page flows for their application to help ensure successful user interactions.

It is important to focus on user flow so that it is correctly supported by your page design and information architecture. This is the process that precedes the designing or wireframing phase for an application design. The flow must be aligned to clear objectives to facilitate a positive user experience, which in turn can contribute to better results for the business. My goal with this project was to make the user flow intuitive and pull users deeper into the application experience.

To design the best possible user flow, I started by understanding the visitor and his/her motivations. Some of the questions that needed to be answered during this phase were:

  • What problem are visitors trying to solve?
  • What are their needs or desires?
  • What features/qualities of the product or service are most important to visitors?
  • What are all the possible questions they may have about your product or service?

Identifying user objectives is fundamental to delivering a good experience. So, I spent time understanding objectives to create design flows around them. I also spoke to customers to understand their approach and what can make it easy for them to find the information they want from the app. Based on this understanding, I first created the possible entry points and then moved on from there towards the final goal.

This is one of many projects where I have used my skills in creating logical and intuitive page flows targeted to business requirements, as well as customizing existing application page flows.

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  • Date Apr 2015
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    User Stories & Page Flows
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    United States

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