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The Brief: Identity design for AmazeCodes Solutions

AmazeCodes Solutions came to me for a new visual identity for their company.

They wanted the new logo and identity to be targeted towards global IT companies, while reflecting “professionalism, uniqueness and quality”. They stressed that, despite several attempts, they had been unable to develop a logo in the desired way.

The logo was intended for use on their website, across business stationery and all of their promotional material.

I started researching the project, which included looking up their competitors, getting a good idea about their industry, and finding inspiration and learning lessons from some of the best logos in the particular industry.... I took notes, and often found myself brainstorming / sketching along the way.

On a side note, I’ve found that one of the best methods of determining what designs to avoid, is by using Google Images, and searching with terms like “amaze logo” or “Code logo”. If these logos are appearing on the first pages of Google, you know you have to stay clear of these concepts.

Brainstorming, Sketching & Conceptualizing

After completing the initial stages of the research, I got more involved in the creative process. This phase was defined by a lot of mind mapping, sketching and experiments on paper and on the computer. In image gallery, you can see a snapshot of one of the first mind maps I made, as well as one of the earliest rough sketches.

After I had some strong concepts on paper, I decided to start nailing down the best typeface for the AC concept I had in mind. I ended up coming down to the skillfully crafted Birdman by Utopia, which not only suited the tech / IT industry but also was a great choice for the gap inside the ‘a’, that allowed a ‘c’ inside the ‘a’ after some customization.

Above you can see some rough experimentation on the AC concept, done in CorelDRAW.

After I was done with these rough experiments, I decided to pursue a select few, tweaking them for better comparison. I finally came down to the subtle option of keeping the 'a' and 'c', arranging them such that each individual alphabet is apparent to the viewer while also forming a neat symbol. The client and I found this typography to be much more sophisticated than simply having an ‘ac’ word or a different symbol, and much more memorable due to its uniqueness.

You can see the final logo in gray, with the addition of the ‘AmazeCodes’ text set in all caps to contrast with the lowercase characters. The box is used to present a cube shape and the ‘a’ is customized to accommodate the cube and signify that the amazing code is being generated from a cubicle.

After I had the final logo in greyscale, I tried out color combinations and came down to a lemon green (Pantone 584 C) and a complimenting black (Pantone Black 6 C), as seen in image gallery.

After settling on the final design, I sent it off to the client. It was approved, and that was that, they were ready to set sail!

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