Boost User Experience (UX) with the BASICS - Tips for UI designers

Apply these simple, essential principles during your next project and you’ll begin to view your work through the eyes of your audience more effectively. In doing so, you’ll grow more aware of how your audience might be interpreting—or misinterpreting—the message of your design layout. You’ll instantly have an added edge. And, you’ll know exactly how to manipulate elements to guide the viewer toward the important sections in your design layout.

What is High-Tech Anthropology?

Anthropology has been around for centuries, with scientists and specialists studying human behavior, culture and interactions in this field that cuts across biological science, social sciences and the humanities. High-tech anthropology is the new-age version that throws computing and technology into the fray.

Perfect UX Team for the Perfect Agile UX

The UX design and output that you get when working in an Agile environment depends largely on the team you have in place. Usually, an Agile UX project team has only one UX design expert, who takes care of wireframe design and whatever usability testing is possible.

Think Smart, Think Mobile First

Mobile first applications are increasingly becoming popular among businesses for the simple reason that the number of consumers using mobile devices is more than the number of people using laptops or desktops for accessing the internet. Given that, there have been major advancements in mobile user experience, such that a person is able to effectively access and use any web application or site on any device.