User Experience Design (UXD)

From User Story to Final Wire-frame - One Sprint Journey

The user stories are provided by the business. These stories tell the UXD team the "what", "who" and "why" of the design requirements. Based on the discussion or story time, the Business Analyst can come up with more relevant and detailed user stories. The UXD team can use card sorting for organizing the available information and identify different categories of the target audience.

What is UXD & What is Not UXD?

UX or user experience is a very important factor that designers should consider before they design any website. But what exactly is UX? Most web designers are not very familiar with the concept of UX, which is one of the major reasons why most websites fail to appeal to the end users.

Hire or Not To Hire an UX Expert?

The concept of agile usability engineering is revered for bringing user experience (UX) activities to an agile environment. Both Agile and UX communities are increasingly warming up to the idea of working alongside to develop great applications fast. However, much work remains to be done and many challenges need to be overcome before the two teams can effectively work together.

Agile and UX – A Powerful Blend

Agile and UX both focus on the same objective – providing better solutions and a more fluent management of deliverables by addressing the key pitfalls of traditional software development. In doing so, the two concepts relate to, and even complement each other. Incorporating a customer feedback loop in Agile for instance, is a logical extension of the methodology's principle of iterative development or incremental changes.